Breakaway Talks

... talks to make you break away from the pack

People have been devalued.

Breakaway Talks seeks to revalue people
Improve self-esteem, make them feel good about themselves so that they have confidence to perform better and reach their full potential!

Break away from the pack
Break away from the old moribund ideas 
Break away and stay ahead of the pack 

with talks from a whole new perspective that:

Build confidence and independence
Increases possibilities
Inspire you to seek a more meaningful fulfilling and satisfying life
Challenge you, the status quo, and the many sacred cows of our society

 with topics that include:

A Revolutionary New Strategy for the Workplace
Find out how fairness, justice and goodwill can be used to  increase worker productivity by improving worker morale, job satisfaction and creating a more positive meaningful work environment.

A Revolutionary New Strategy for Peace
 Real peace is feasible. Find out how to achieve real peace by abandoning retaliation without losing face or being victimized, by embracing diversity, and by mobilizing goodwill to resolve conflicts in both personal and foreign relations. War is not the answer. Goodwill is the answer to a lasting blissful peace.

A Revolutionary New Strategy for Dealing with Poverty
A revolutionary way of dealing with poverty by building self-esteem and marshalling a poor community’s own forces and resources to make even the worst ghetto bloom.

A Revolutionary New Strategy for teaching Diversity
A revolutionary new strategy for teaching the importance, value and sensitivity to diversity in the workplace and elsewhere.
Breaking Away from the Addiction to Money and Materialism
 The oft Overlooked Importance of Friends

So for an interesting, reflective, but entertaining talk on subjects including: Diversity, Employee Relations, Motivation, the Caribbean, Politics, Empowerment, Relationships, Success, Goal Setting, Soccer

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Michael I. Phillips

(located in the MD, DC, VA area)

Breakaway Talks




Michael I. Phillips

Motivational Speaker/Author 
“Boycott Money and Save Your Soul - Launching the Goodwill Revolution”

gave presentation at the Take Back America Conference 2007, Washington Hilton Hotel, June 18, 2007

conducted workshop at the 22nd  Annual Maryland United For Peace and Justice  Conference 2007

conducted workshop at the Peacemaking  Day Conference, Saturday, November 11, 2006   at Friends School of Baltimore

substitute host of talk show Caribbean Exchange on WEAA 88.9 FM radio in Baltimore MD

regular guest and guest panelist on Carib Nation TV interview show

Graduate of Howard University, Washington DC with MA (Education); BS (Chemistry)

Author of:
“Boycott Money and Save Your Soul – Launching the Goodwill Revolution” “Poems for Husbands and Other Underdogs

Published entirely on his own a monthly newsletter, Hot Calaloo, on paper from April 1992  to December 1999 and online from then until now

Compiled and Published, “Bitten by Bonzo, An Anthology of Anti-Reagan Poetry”

Published poetry Book, “Living in Constant Spring, Poems by a Rolling Stone, by Kathleen McGregor-Phillips

Constantly asked to give speeches

Received many standing ovations from sports ceremonies, retirement functions, weddings, etc.

Proud social activist

Soccer coach for both kids and adults for over 20 years